Counselor Corner

OVCA has an incredible counseling team looking forward to supporting you all year long. Counselors do lots of things from reviewing transcripts, creating graduation plans, course assignment, preparing students for decisions about college and career, dual enrollment, and so much more!

Counselor Contact Information

Information coming soon! Please contact your Community Family Advisor with any immediate questions or concerns.

Oklahoma Graduation Paths

Class of 2019 (Senior) College Prep Curriculum - Click HERE to View
Class of 2019 (Senior) Core Curriculum - Click HERE to View

Class of 2020 (Junior) College Prep Curriculum - Click HERE to View
Class of 2020 (Junior) Core Curriculum - Click HERE to View

Class of 2021 (Sophomore) College Prep Curriculum - Will post when the SDE releases.
Class of 2021 (Sophomore) Core Curriculum - Will post when the SDE releases.

College Preparatory/Work Ready Mathematics Requirement: Click HERE to View
Classroom Excellence (ACE) / Three Units of Mathematics Between Grade 9 and 12 Requirement: Click HERE to View

College Bound Curriculum Overview: Click HERE to View
Core Curriculum Ovewview: Click HERE to View

According to the law, your child will automatically be enrolled in the college preparatory/work ready curriculum, and you do not need to do anything to enroll your child in this curriculum. However, if you choose the core curriculum, you must complete the information below and return it to the school prior to enrollment. Please contact your school counselor if you have questions or need additional information.

Parental Curriculum Choice Letter: Click HERE to View

Seniors Corner

Information specific to graduation will be posted here. Check back for details!

Career and College Prep 


Not sure the path you want to take after highschool? Check out this website for career planning resources. Reach out to your counselor if you have further questions about a career choice! Click HERE to be taken to the Oklahoma Career Guide webpage.
Image of OK Career Guide Home Page

Technology Centers

Technology Center Descriptions
Technology Center Map Locations

College Prep Corner


The ACT® is the leading US college admissions test, measuring what you learn in high school to determine your academic readiness for college.
Please register for the ACT online at: ACT Registration

You will be prompted to enter our school's unique CEEB code. Please use 372541. This will generate a score report to be sent to both your home address and our school office.

Please note it is extremely important you actually follow through and test. Registering and then not showing up to test prevents other students from using the test center. If for any reason you do miss, please be sure to reschedule so you get the benefit of using your waiver.

Notify your counselor once you complete the test!

Happy testing!!! :)


If you would like to sign up please visit:

When registering, you will be prompted to enter a CEEB code.

Please use our OVCA code 372541 so results will be sent to both you and the school office.

Pre SAT - Click HERE for more info!

College Scholarships!