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Loaner Computer

Computer Requirements & Loaner Computer Requirements SY 18-19

All students must have a computer dedicated for schooling which can be accessed daily. Electronics such as iPad, Gaming Machine, Tablet, Cell phone, etc. cannot substitute the requirement of a computer. Such devices are unable to access all components of the school curriculum and online classes.
If requested, K-12 students will be loaned one computer per family to be used to access the online learning platform during that student’s enrollment in OVCA.
OVCA will not replace computers that are intentionally damaged or damaged due to negligence or misuse. Pursuant to the Agreement for Use of Instructional Property [PDF], families are solely liable for any loss or damage to the computer until it is returned to K12 and should take proper precautions to protect it. OVCA may require families to pay for lost or damaged computers.
***Please note the desktop computers provided to students in K-8th grade are not equipped with a wireless adapter. An Ethernet cable must be plugged directly into the computer to log onto the internet. Another option is to purchase a Wi-Fi adapter so that the computer does not have to be in the same room as the router. Purchasing this item would be at the expense of the family. The device can be purchased at many retailers including Wal-Mart and Best Buy. Prices vary but average $10-$20.
Families who are interested in receiving a loaner computer must submit a request to the school. 
While waiting on a the computer to ship the student must have another computer to be able to access daily. Students cannot wait on loaner computer before schooling daily.
Families that are using their own computer are responsible for ensuring their personal computer meets the required specifications for our Online School Platform. Please check the specifications by visiting the website below:

High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet access is required for all students. It must be active by the first day of school and must be maintained for the duration of enrollment.
For families who qualify for the USDA Free and Reduced Meals Program, regardless of whether they’ve requested and received a K12 computer or not, may qualify for the internet stipend. The stipend is pro- rated based on time of enrollment with the school. The student must remain enrolled until the end of the school year and be compliant with attendance, testing and academic progress requirements in order to receive the stipend which is issued mid-summer.