Internet Reimbursement

Internet Reimbursement SY 18-19 General Information

Not all OVCA families will qualify for the Internet Subsidy, as it is based upon specific criteria. It is a benefit that OVCA elects annually to make available to some families based upon that specific criteria. Internet Subsidy checks are issued once per year, in June, for the previous school year. Students in grades K-12 are eligible for internet subsidies based on enrollment date and compliance with attendance, testing and academic progress requirements. Students in grades K-12 with current Individualized Education Plans (IEP) are eligible to receive an internet subsidy based on enrollment date and compliance with attendance, testing and academic progress requirements.

Families must qualify for Free & Reduced Lunch or have a current IEP and participate in the Online School for ninety (90) calendar days, be enrolled on the last day of the semester, participate in all required standardized testing, and meet at least 90% of the attendance requirement during their enrollment in order to qualify for the Internet Subsidy.

K-12 students who meet the supplement requirements will be supplemented at the rate of $12 per eligible month. Families with two or more students will still only receive one supplement at the rate of $12 per eligible month.

If an ISP check is lost, OVCA does not automatically reissue a check to that family. If a check is lost, parents need to notify the school within 90 days for a replacement to be issued 
The general timeline for the reimbursement process is below.

An email will be sent from the school office to families who qualify for receiving ISP Reimbursement and the deadline for responding.
As an additional communication step OVCA will also post the information on Facebook indicating the email has been sent.    

A clear deadline for responses will be included in the email. It is usually around the first week of June.  No exceptions will be made for the deadline.
Next the office will send an email to all families who have responded letting them know that we received their response. 

Finally, the office will provide the ISP response forms to Head of School for approval.  Then the list will then be processed for payment. The disbursement of checks may take up to 12 weeks depending on the approval process.

***Important to note: the rate of ISP reimbursement in most cases does not cover the full cost of the ISP. Generally, the reimbursement rate is $12 per each month the student was enrolled and schooling with OVCA.

***In order to be eligible families must meet the requirements outined in the Business and Technology Board Policy 3030 [PDF].

Specific details will be emailed to qualifying families toward the end of the school year in May 2019.